Document Type : Original Article


Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Malayer University, Malayer, 65174, Iran


Molecular interactions in binary mixtures composed of a xylene and selected 1-butanol 1-pentanol, 1-hexanol, 1-heptanol and 1-octanol was investigated by measuring the viscosity at T= 303.15 K. From experimental data, viscosity deviation was calculated. Values of viscosity deviations for all binary mixtures are negative and increase with increase of alcohols chain length. Obtained data were interpreted based on the type and magnitude of the physico-chemical interactions in the binary liquid systems. free volume theory was applied to correlate the viscosities of binary mixtures and correlated values by this model were good enough and obtained data were within the uncertainty region.
Keywords: Viscosity; xylene; 1-Alkanol; free volume theory

Graphical Abstract

Theoretical and Experimental Methods for Study of Binary mixtures viscosity at T= 303.15


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