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1 Natural Product and Polymer Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, University of North Bengal, Darjeeling, 734013, India

2 Department of Biochemistry, College of Dentistry, Qaseem Private Colleges, Buraidah- SaudiArabia


Phytochemical investigation of the pet-benzene extract of the leaves of Psidiumguajava was yielded the triterpenoids, olean-12(13), 15(16)-diene, olean-12(13), 15(16)-dien-3β-oland olean-15(16)-en-11α-ol. All the three compounds are reported for the first time from Psidiumguajava. The compounds were established by chemical characterized using IR, NMR, and Mass analysis by comparison with authentic sample. All the three triterpenoids showed moderate to good biocidal activity against some bacterial and fungal pathogens.

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