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Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Quality Assurance, Pioneer Pharmacy Degree College, Vadodara, India


Novel developments in the synthetic techniques that facilitate rapid access to various functionalized heterocyclic compounds are essential in medicinal chemistry. They enable an expansion of the available drug-associated chemical space and enhance the efficiency of drug delivery. In addition, the creation of more robust synthetic techniques that can increase the drug yield can enhance the drug production rate. While researchers and manufacturers utilize established synthetic techniques during a program aimed at drug discovery, the innovation of heterocyclic synthesis processes that permit varied bond formation strategies is influencing the pharmaceutical industry in the most significant way. This review focuses on the utilization of some novel methods of activation of the C-H bonds, hydrogen borrowing catalysis, photoredox chemistry, regio- and stereo-selective synthesis, and multicomponent reactions for the functionalization and creation of heterocycles that aided in driving project delivery. 

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A mini review: recent developments of heterocyclic chemistry in some drug discovery scaffolds synthesis


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