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1 Associate Professor (development and exploitation of hard-to-recover hydrocarbon deposits) Kazan Federal University

2 Student Kazan Federal University, Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Technologies, oil and gas business


The practice of using chemical thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, or both to analyze chemical reactions affecting geological systems, usually with the aid of a computer, is geochemical modeling. In high-temperature geochemistry, it is used to simulate reactions occurring deep inside the Earth, in magma, for example, or to model low-temperature reactions near the Earth's surface aqueous solutions. According to the geological structure, the Kudryashovskoye field is multilayer. The placement system is selective in this field. The development of all facilities takes place using a reservoir pressure system. The well stock for drilling (throughout the field) is 42, including 28 producing wells and 14 injection wells. In 2015, 12 wells were planned to be drilled. The paper considers and analyses two options for the development approach. The first option: drilling, is planned in 2019 according to the approved layout of wells. The density of good grids is 10.6 ha/well. The second option: drilling is carried out according to the areal system with a distance of 200-250 m between the wells. The density of the wells is 8.1 ha/well. It is planned to use the technology for simultaneous-separate operation in 19 wells Modelling is carried out using the Petrel software package. After the work is done and comparative analysis, development options are proposed. The second development option is most suitable from the economic point of view and approach.

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Geological and Geochemical Modelling of the Kudryashovskoye Field


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