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Assistant of psychiatry, Islamic Azad University, Qom Branch, Qom, Iran


Among the various and modern media, satellite can be mentioned as one of the most popular media all over the world. Satellite is one of the most influential media in the present age, which like other media and means of communication is mainly the product of the West. Some satellite programs and movies contain content in which adherence to family and moral values ​​seems ridiculous and vulgar, as opposed to having free sex, daring sex, and questioning the importance and value of marriage. Is considered to be the result of a free-thinking and progressive view of life and emotional relationships. Asking questions and raising repeated doubts about the views of people who have not been enslaved or are living together, and in return providing views and answering skeptical questions to convince the audience that times have changed and people should not stick. On the other hand, the family as a social institution has always been considered by the legislator and several laws have been enacted in relation to this institution. Apart from the family laws, he also has special rights in terms of religion, morality and custom. These include strengthening the foundations of the family, strengthening the family, raising children, good morals and good company, healthy sexual relations and the emotional and intimate atmosphere of the family.

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Investigating the Role of using Satellite at Home on Intimacy and Marital Satisfaction of Couples in Qom


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