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Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science & Technology, University of Education, Lahore-Vehari Campus, Vehari-61100, Punjab, Pakistan


Polluted and dirty water is very harmful for living organisms especially for health of humans. It causes many serious health problems which can ultimately lead to death if not treated at early stages. Water borne diseases including cholera, Dracunculiasis, Typhoid fever, Diarrhea, Ulcers, Hepatitis, Arsenicosis, Respiratory Tract Infection, Kidney Damage, and Endocrine Damages are very risky for lives of individuals and especially for humans ultimately leading to death. These diseases are mainly due to drinking water problems because of presence of different harmful bacteria and germs which may cause these drugs. These diseases can be cured with proper medications and treatment courses. Along the treatment, there are different ways to prevent from these diseases. So, the lives of human beings can be protected from these water borne-disease. The water treatment can also be used so no one can drink or use dirty or untreated water and can be saved from these effects. So, in this article, causes of these diseases, factors increasing the risks, treatment and prevention ways are summarized briefly.

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